Submitted by HHLOA Allied Partner, Aperture Designs

Here at Aperture Designs we don’t necessarily have much to offer in the way of expertise as it relates specifically to you lodging owners. We’re the last people you would go to for leveling a hottub deck or discussions about general upkeep that you all do such an amazing job organizing.

We are experienced however in staying at various locations, and know what keeps us coming back as customers. It’s truly the gestures both small and big. The memories created from a hand written note, or complimentary offering are the things that we remember the most.

Many of you have renters that have become routine and keep coming back to your location because you made them comfortable enough that they wouldn’t even consider going elsewhere. Be greatful for that loyalty…and if you want to go a little more grand in welcoming these loyal customers back to your little slice of paradise, we would be happy to help.

This picture is of a sign we made for a local gymnastics competition, but they are customizable and can fit any of your needs. Thanks for reading.